Some of Matt Reaction’s live performances, studio videos and Soundcloud demos….


Yes the corona virus is a big sack of crap. Here’s a corona virus song I wrote to help me deal with it and to keep spirits up in these weird, uncertain times.

New corona virus song
I Can’t Wait (live)
R*E*P*E*A*T Christmas Party, 29th December 2019 @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge
Song montage of gig at Brickmakers in Norwich, 22nd July 2019
Global Warming Is Fake – Oakes Barn, June 2019
Wonderful at The Brickmakers, 22nd July 2019
Gaffa Tape Sandy You Stole My Heart
I’m Going To Spain – Fall cover
Be Here Tomorrow


Thrilled Beyond Biscuits
Gaffa Tape Sandy You Stole My Heart – demo
No Joke – acoustic demo
Global Warming Is Fake – acoustic demo